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Take an in-depth dive into our path-breaking innovations and the impact they have had over the last 3+ decades

Pioneering Contract Seed Production in India

Namdhari Seeds’ journey with contract seed production has spanned 3 decades, and at this juncture, we are the largest contract seed producer in the country. This is made possible by:

– Having business trust with customers

– Large grower network across agro-climatic zones

– Self-owned land properties

– Advanced net-houses, greenhouses and protected cultivations

– Controlled cultivation of new varieties to understand specific requirements of new genotypes

First locations: Ranebennur, Koppal, Chikmagalur

Additional locations today: Tumkur, Aurangabad

Introducing Hybrid Watermelons in India

Launched in 1993, our watermelon hybrids were our first foray into hybrid seed production, and constitute one of our first success stories. Namdhari Seeds is the largest grower and seller of watermelons in the country, with 1 in 4 watermelon seeds being a Namdhari’s hybrid. Most watermelons sold in India are variety No. 295, which have become the standard for Indian watermelons. Our watermelons are extremely versatile, and offer a larger size and first-of-its-kind pattern.

Differentiators for success:

– Adaptability of locally bred hybrids

– Possessing requisite horticulture attributes preferred by growers, traders and consumers

– High disease resistance

– Good transport and keeping qualities

– High yielding hybrids

Revolutionizing tomato production in India

Among the first hybrid seeds ever launched by Namdhari’s in 1992, our tomato hybrids were the first south Indian tomatoes to reach North India – a path-breaking achievement at the time. The hybrids developed at Namdhari’s – 815 and 253 – revolutionized the category of tomatoes that could be transported nationwide, and set new standards across the country. Today, our tomatoes are proof of India’s first successes in growing indigenous produce that can be recognized worldwide for quality.

Differentiators for success:

– The first tomato variety that could be transported nationwide

– Highly adaptable to different climatic regions

– Seeds that are continuous bearers

– Capability to yield seeds across seasons

– Hybrids with high resistance to TyLCV

– Hybrids with excellent foliar cover

Okra Hybrids expanding the Namdhari catalogue

Following the success of our very first hybrids in 1992 – watermelon and tomato – we began to widen our crop range and conduct in-depth research into other varieties such as okra, gourds, cucumber, and cauliflower. We are known for producing okra varieties with high disease resistance and crop yield.

Differentiators for success:

– High resistance to YVMV and ELCV

– Good keeping and transport qualities

– Attractive plants with narrow, deep lobed leaves

– Hybrids with good branching abilities

– Hybrids best suited for Middle Eastern markets and perfect for long distance transport