South East Asia

The Following people are the Marketing team in South East Asia




D.Jebraj Joseph 

Country Manager-Vietnam

1207 Tower-C, Thaun Kieu Plaza,

190-Hong Bang Streer, Ward-15, Dist-5

HCMC, Vietnam



Namdhari  Siam Seeds  is present in Thailand since 1999. We are aware of the difficulties  Thai Farmers face in growing vegetables in extreme tropical conditions and we are committed to their success. Presently Namdhari Siam Seeds has two research stations in Chiang Mai and Nakhon Pathom for the  screening of hybrids for various traits. We are amongst the top seed sellers of Tomato Hybrids in Thailand. Our range of vegetable Hybrids mainly in Hot Pepper, Brassicas, watermelon and Gourds are creating good reputation amongst the growers due to quality performances and committed services.

Nakhon  Pathom Station

Chiang Mai

2- Indonesia-

Namdhari Seeds Indonesia was officially operational in year 2005 . We have Two branches one in Bandung and Salatiga.  We have our Pan Indonesia operations covering all parts of the country from low lands to High lands, including Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Our Brand significance in Indonesia is highly visible with popular hybrids in crops like Tomato, Chilli, Cauliflower and Melons.

3- Myanmar-

Myanmar is another important country where agriculture plays a very important role in the Economy of the country. Presently we have our marketing network .Farmers from all  important Vegetable growing region like Mandalay, Heho and Inlay Lake are using Namdhari hybrids. We have strong presence in this market with tomato, chili and other vegetable hybrids.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam is a well known producer & leading exporter of agri- horticultural commodities. Vegetable - Fruit processing & export is a part of nation’s growth strategy as majority of educated younger generation depending on agriculture.

Since the year 2002 , Namdhari Seeds established as a hybrid seed supplier of major tropical vegetable crops by introducing quality products through product research & marketing services. NS operations in Vietnam created a strong image, confidence and demand among the seed industry professionals, farming community, and MARD.  

Infrastructure: liaison office at HCM city and trial stations set up at all agro climatic regions of Vietnam.

PD activities: annual confidential research trials report, germplasms, ideas exchange, business analysis, update on market trend & consumer behaviour, etc.

Visitors: MARD officials, processing factories and local seed companies or distributors.


Pic 01

Pic 02

Pic 01: Dat Viet Co’s General Director visiting Tomato fields with Mr. Buta Singh.

Pic 02: A leading seed dealer evaluating our Tomato NS 6658.

Pic 03

Pic 04

Pic 03: Tomato NS 501 with a leading nursery man.                

Pic 04: MARD officials visiting & enquiring about our NS 501.

Pic 05

Pic 06

Pic 05: Tomato NS 501 ( DVS 408 ) grower seminar with the presence of MARD officials.

Pic 06: NS & Trang Nong team working at export processing factory to promote our product - Chilli NS 1072 .

Pic 07

Pic 08

Pic 07, Pic 08: NS & Trang Nong team working at export processing factory to promote our product - Chilli NS 1072 .

Pic 09

Pic 10

Pic 09, Pic 10: Bitter gourd H 123 crop trial at our customer’s farm (Trang Nong) for organizing dealer seminar.

Pic 11

Pic 12

Pic 13

Pic 14

Pic 11, Pic 12, Pic 13, Pic 14: Our customer Tan Nong Phat co., work with Bitter gourd H 86 & bottle gourd H 311 fields and visit with dealer & fruit vendors .

Pic 15

Pic 16

Pic 15: our watermelon 08 IBH – 19 is evaluated by wholesale buyers at Thu Duc Market committee in HCM city.

Pic 16: Our Watermelon 07 WMH – 7 field with Taiwan contractors at harvesting stage.

Pic 17

Pic 18  

Pic 17, Pic 18: TomatoNS6498 with Tan Nong Phat Co’s & fruit vendors at field.