Research and development


Widening markets:

Namdhari Seeds presently targets the ever expanding Indian market, countries in S E Asia (Bangladesh,     Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia) besides Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Saudi) and Turkey. The widening market areas have necessitated broadening the product range. Products are being designed to satisfy the growers, traders and customers by a dedicated team of professionals.

Market driven objectives:

Value addition like disease resistance has been a key to successes achieved in recent releases in Solanaceous and Cucurbitaceous crops. Breeding and testing locations have been added in major market regions to develop adaptable, high quality hybrids coupled with extraordinary yields.

New Crops:

With the creation of successful brand image and the confidence of farming community this company has embarked on breeding cotton and rice. New hybrids developed through in-house research in these crops have generated considerable enthusiasm and response.

Long look:

This company has a clear goal for developing outstanding hybrids that would ‘Satisfy the clientele world- wide’ and supply ‘Seeds for a better future’. It realizes that incorporation of new traits through breeding has a longer gestation period and provides world class facilities required to breed exceptional hybrids.


Upgrading technological skills and new innovations have been in the forefront of the research wing. These techniques are dovetailed with the breeding projects with the intention of achieving the targets faster and more efficiently. Marker assisted selection and DNA finger printing besides purity testing of seed lots is being carried out by the Molecular Biology lab. The overall capacity and floor space for this lab is being ramped up. The pathology lab has been strengthened with additional space, equipments and personnel to handle diverse pathogens and help breeders to incorporate required resistances. Following internationally accepted protocols, the Seed Health lab ensures supply of high quality seeds.

Investments in Research

Investments in infrastructure facilities have been continuously augmented to strengthen and focus on research. In Bidadi, state of the art greenhouses have been built facilitating breeding of crops like indeterminate tomatos and peppers for export markets. A germplasm bank incorporating all modern features to ensure safe custody of seeds is the most recent addition. A conference hall to seat 80 people with all amenities and new cabins for breeders has been added to the R&D building. Thus substantial investments have been made in research to enhance product range and simultaneously add depth to generate new hybrids suited to expanding market needs.