Seed Quality to meet grower expectations

Namdhari Seeds continuously strives to supply high quality seeds to the growers. Towards this end, the Seed Quality lab has been one of the strong focal points of this company. Development of in-house skills coupled with internationally accepted protocols have helped ensure supply of seeds with high germination, vigour and uniformity.

Wide repertoire

Besides a wide range of vegetable crops this laboratory is competent and proficient to handle it also has the capacity and expertise to carry out required tests on flower crops as well as field crops like cotton and paddy. Upgrading the facilities and providing training to bring in new skills has been a constant process. Seed coating has been an integral part of the process.

Seed Purity

Stringent grow out tests coupled with DNA based tests are conducted to ensure supply of seeds with high purity.

Seed health

Well equipped Seed health lab with trained personnel to ensure internationally accepted tests and ISHI developed protocols to ensure supply of pathogen free seeds.

ISTA accreditation

This is one of the very few labs in this country to possess ISTA accreditation. This ensures export of high quality seeds for export market.

Seeds readied for market

Facilities have been created to dry, clean and grade and handle huge volumes of Solanaceous, cucurbitaceous and Brassica seeds using modern machinery. The systematic planning devoted to the flow process ensures speedy handling of large volumes of seeds. The seed arrival and the subsequent processes before final packing and dispatch through different channels are managed by well trained personnel.